Proposed housing development at former Alpenrose Dairy site in SW Portland triggers neighborhood response

Proposed housing development at former Alpenrose Dairy site in SW Portland triggers neighborhood response
Photo by Jean Carlo Emer / Unsplash

Regardless of a neighborhood’s political leanings, you can always count on people showing up in force when any large new housing development is proposed.

A proposed development on the site of an old dairy plant in SW Portland has neighbors up in arms about traffic impacts.

SW Portland and the Raleigh Hills area are no stranger to derailing planning and development efforts.

Nearly 25 years ago, neighbors fought the designation of the area as a Town Center by Metro, which would have fixed the notoriously awful (and often-complained about) intersection of Scholls Ferry and Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.

This effort would have increased density and walkability, brought the area closer in form and function to a complete urban district, and paved the way for better transit options.

Planners, as well as transit and housing advocates, often refer to these groups as NIMBYs, an acronym that stands for Not In My BackYard.

While I do wish this new proposal included high-density housing, this region is in desperate need of additional housing. I’d rather see this type of infill than more sprawl at the edge of our Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

Area government transportation plans all have Complete Streets goals and requirements. As such, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure will be requirements of this development. Where things get tricky is traffic impacts to offsite infrastructure.

This is where impact fees, such as taxes on development earmarked for transportation improvements, become important.

While a developer will always be responsible for building (and paying for) onsite infrastructure to government standards, impact fees can help fund transportation system expansions and improvements to infrastructure that may be affected nearby.

SW Portland is an area of interest for me. I’ll be following this development closely and reporting back on outcomes.

Alpenrose Dairy housing development sparks neighborhood concerns
The proposed large residential redevelopment of the former 51-acre Alpenrose Dairy in Southwest Portland is raising concerns among area residents.